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Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Bill Passes Senate

A new landlord-tenant bill passed in the Wisconsin state Senate today, and may make it to the governor’s desk this week, despite concerns from some Democrats, who said it opens the door for some landlords to “mistreat” tenants.

The bill changes a state law that prohibits local governments from enacting a moratorium on evictions. One opposing lawmaker said it “would even allow people to be evicted on Christmas.” The Legislature failed to add an amendment disallowing evictions on holidays.

The bill also allows landlords to dispose of an evicted tenant’s property immediately, and to continue evictions against tenants who have paid past-due rents. Opponents say these aspects of the proposed law prove it’s not in the best interest of consumers. Supporters did not speak about the bill in today’s session.

One legislator, who is a former landlord, spoke against the bill, saying it “opens the doors to business people who are tempted to rip off their tenants because they can get away with it.”

The bill now goes to the Assembly, who may act on it during the final day of the current legislative session.

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