Rent Check Advisor®

Only Available in Premium Screening Package

Wondering if your applicant can afford their rent? Want to avoid bounced checks, collections, and possible evictions? E-Renter®‘s Rent Check Advisor® recommends with a high rate of accuracy whether or not you should accept rent checks from a potential tenant.

Our sources hold statistical data on 98% of the U.S. check-writing population. The recommendation you receive is based on (but does not include) check-writing patterns, history, risk analysis and any negative check information (forced account closures, outstanding bad check collections, etc.)

This product does require an applicant’s bank routing number and bank account number at a minimum, and it is helpful to include their driver’s license number and state of issuance. The routing number and bank account number can be obtained from an applicant’s check:

For a la carte pricing, please contact us at: 877-332-0078 (toll-free) or 360-332-0078 or [email protected]