About E-Renter®

E-Renter is a Consumer Reporting Agency. We have 24/7 online direct access to consumer and business credit files as well as many other databases for credit, criminal, eviction, driving records, property deed records, assessor records, etc.

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E-Renter services are used by:

Individual landlords

Property management companies

Tenant screening companies

Businesses who need employee screening

Businesses extending credit to consumers

Our Mission

E-Renter USA is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We do this by exceeding customer expectations, complying with regulatory requirements, and continually improving our quality management system.


At E-Renter, we promise to provide the best possible screening services available under today’s laws, and using the best of today’s technology. We make every effort to safeguard all personal information.


E Renter USA
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E-Renter believes in giving back to the local community.

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