Tenant credit checks for landlords.

Consumer Credit Information

Credit checks for potential tenants need to be handled carefully and legally. In early 2007, the Credit Bureaus jointly put into place new, more stringent regulations to ensure that anyone ordering a credit report has a legal right to do so. The intention of these regulations was to help fight identity theft and credit fraud. These regulations supplement the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Tenant credit checks fall under these regulations.

As an FCRA-Compliant Consumer Reporting Agency and leader in the field, E-Renter® USA can assist you in complying with these regulations.

If you are primarily in the business of tenant screening and property management, and open a commercial account with E-Renter, you will still receive a full credit report (including FICO score). In the interest of protecting prospective tenants, full credit reports are only available to commercial accounts.

If you don’t qualify for a commercial account, you can still use E-Renter’s Patent Pending Process to confirm whether a tenant meets your credit requirements (based on their credit report). However, you will not have access to the credit report itself.

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