How It Works – Tenant Screening Process for Individual Landlords

Ordering background reports and credit checks is easy once you’ve set up your E-Renter® Individual Account.

Step 1: Place Order

Log in and enter tenant information:

  • Name
  • Social Security #
  • Date of birth
  • Present address*
  • Email address*

*Required if ordering credit check.


Step 2: Tenant’s Hand-Signed Consent

Tenant consent to release information required by law (from rental application or separate form). This is separate and in addition to Step 3 below.

  • Fax to 1.866.614.1444, or
  • email us your tenant’s signed consent form, or
  • Paperless Tenant Consent
    (See sidebar at right)

Step 3: Tenant Confirmation and Payment of $1.99 Fee

(Only if ordering credit check)

Application and tenant info must be confirmed. This is separate and in addition to Step 2 above.

  • Tenant receives email link to website.
  • Confirm application and info on website.
  • Pay $1.99 with credit card or debit card (with Visa or MasterCard logo).
    (See sidebar at right if tenant does not have email.)

    Step 4: Report Delivered

    Verified landlords can view their report. Unverified landlords receive email notice results are ready to view.

    • Background reports available within one-hour (Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm Pacific). Evenings and weekends: same-day service.
    • Credit Check (if ordered) will appear immediately following online confirmation (Step 3 above).


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