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Compare Individual and Commercial E-Renter Accounts

What services are included in your E-Renter account?

Account Types Individual Commercial*
Eviction information Included Included
Bankruptcy information Included Included
Criminal records information (not available in all states--check list) Included Included
Sex offender records information Included Included
Social Security Number validation Included Included
OFAC/Patriot Act search information Included Included
Lien and judgment information Included Included
Previous address information Included Included
Identity check Included Included
No monthly fees Included Included
No minimum billing Included Included
No annual fees Included Included
Charge your credit card at time of order Included Not Included
Billed once monthly for all reports Not Included Included
Discount pricing available Not Included Included
Access to reports 24/7, with no faxing of tenant consents Not Included Included
Credit reports include FICO score and credit summary - at no additional charge. Not Included Included
Credit reports available within seconds Not Included Included
Business credit reports when leasing commercial property Not Included Included
* Commercial Accounts require a business license (or Articles of Incorporation), a publicly-listed business phone, a business checking account and a separate and secure office. An on-site inspection is also required.

Pay only for the reports you need - no sign-up fees, no monthly fees, no minimums. Just pay as you go!

Individual Accounts:

Commercial Accounts
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