With fall right around the corner, kids are now beginning to return to school and fill classrooms for the start of the school year. This means more kids walking to and from school and more kids waiting at bus stops. Being a parent in this situation can be stressful if you are not completely certain about your neighborhood’s safety.

Tenant Screening Reports

All parents can agree that having peace of mind about their children’s safety can be a top factor in choosing where to live. On the other side of that coin, there is a responsibility for landlords to assist in keeping neighborhoods safe. As kids begin to head back to school, it’s just as important as ever for landlords to keep neighborhood safety in mind when selecting tenants for their properties.

Making sure that kids have a safe neighborhood for traveling to school is a direct result of choosing the right tenants for your rental properties. Utilizing a background check can help landlords ensure there are no red flags with potential tenants’ rental history, credit, and more.

E-Renter Screening Reports

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