On the last day of July, the federal eviction moratorium came to an end after almost a full year. Two days later, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a limited renewal for communities being severely affected by the COVD-19 virus. The order is estimated to include 80% of counties and 90% of the renter population, so most property managers will need to keep up to date with the recent order as well as any updates or changes being made.

While E-Renter® can’t provide specific information to your particular situation, we can give you a general run-down about the CDC eviction moratorium as well as offer some tips to help property managers prepare for the order’s end date.

What Is the Eviction Moratorium?

The eviction moratorium is an order issued by the CDC halting evictions in areas with higher levels of transmission of COVID-19. Since the jurisdiction for this order is in flux as counties become more or less affected by the virus, it’s vital to know when and if your area is affected. Use the CDC’s COVID-19 tracker to see if your county is within jurisdiction of the order.

The intention is to prevent the further spread of the virus, and does not mean that a resident doesn’t have to pay rent or comply with their lease. Furthermore, according to the order, property managers can evict if:

  • The resident is engaging in criminal activity on the premises
  • The resident is threatening the health or safety of other residents
  • The resident is damaging the property or otherwise poses an immediate threat to the property
  • The resident is violating contractual obligations other than rent payments

For a full list of what this order does or does not allow, read the Applicability section of the order.

When Is the Eviction Moratorium Ending?

The new 2021 CDC eviction moratorium is set to end on October 3 of the same year. However, many property managers are unsure if this order is going to be renewed, as we’ve seen in the previous year.

What Will Happen After the Moratorium Ends?

We can only guess at the short and long-term consequences of the current eviction moratorium, but many industry professionals believe that the market will see an influx of new renters. Whether this will happen slowly, likely due to the court system being overwhelmed by new cases, is unknown.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

Now is the perfect time to make sure all of your records regarding resident payments and behavior is well-organized and easy to access. It will make it easier down the line to make those tough choices about renters.

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