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Michigan tenant screening is now available with a complete background check including criminal reports, evictions records, and more. The information supplied by the different reporting sources changes from place to place. The list below provides a current overview of the sources of, and information supplied for, each kind of report.

Consumer Credit Information

Consumer Credit information comes from the three major national credit reporting bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. All information is nationwide, and is available when searched from any state.

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Business Credit Information

Business Credit information comes from a national credit reporting bureau, and is available regardless of where the business is located.

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County Criminal Data Reports

Some individual counties do not report some criminal data information to larger agencies so it may not be included in an E-Renter background report. For specific counties, and the type of information included, please see the list below under National Criminal Data Reports. To supplement this available information, a real-time search of county records by a person located in that county is available in most counties. There is an additional fee for this search.

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National Criminal Data Reports

Although information is gathered from nationwide, multi-jurisdictional sources, the kind of information reported by different agencies varies. See below the general type of information included and reporting agencies in this state. This list is kept current as we are informed of changes, but is subject to change at any time.

Department of Corrections (Felonies)
Sex Offender Database:
includes offenders registered with State Police

Individual Counties:

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OFAC/Patriot Act Reports

OFAC databases are based on nationwide information, and are available in every state.

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Sex Offender Reports

This information is gathered from Offender registries in all 50 states, but the type of information varies. In this state, the information reported includes offenders registered with State Police.

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Social Security Reports

Social Security Validation is available nationwide.

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Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments Reports

Bankruptcy information comes from the federal courts and is the same in every location. The type of information reported on liens and judgments depends on the information gathered by each state. In this state, this report may include civil judgments, plus state and federal tax liens.

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Civil Court (County Level)

A manual search of county civil court records can be ordered from a court researcher in each county. The fee for this service depends on the county researcher.

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Evictions information is obtained from the most comprehensive evictions database available, which is updated regularly.

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Rent Check Advisor

The Rent Check Advisor contains information on 98% of the check-writing population nationwide.

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