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Your E-Renter USA Commercial Account will provide 24/7 online access for all your background screening needs. You will be able to make informed, instant decisions to approve or deny applicants. Commercial accounts have access to the following benefits:

All E-Renter accounts enjoy no monthly fees, no minimum billing, no annual fees, and you always pay only for the reports you order.

Please note: if you intend to access full credit reports, we require an on-site inspection of your place of business, whether it is a home office or commercial space. We cannot provide access to credit reports until this inspection has been completed and the location has been found to be properly secure.

The time it takes to open your account depends largely on your ability to provide the required documentation in a timely manner, and how available your schedule is to the inspector. We make every effort to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible, and to help you through the credentialing process when you apply for a new commercial account. Any customer service representative can assist you in getting a status update on your application at any time during the process.

Apply for a commercial account

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